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       19mm Hydraulic windlass combined mooring winch has been delivered to Taiwan.    2019-08-15

       10T hydraulic mooring winch with HPU have been sent to USA    2019-08-06

       Two sets of 3T electric explosion proof cable winch of CNPC (Project No. P70) have been sent to Qingdao.    2019-07-25

       2T*15m hydraulic crane had been sent to Vietnam.    2019-07-23

       Welcome Middle East customers to our company to sign a contract    2019-07-19

       2 sets of 10T electric capstan are waiting for delivery    2019-07-12

       6 sets of electric capstan have been sent to Shandon    2019-07-12

       6 sets of 2T air capstan are waiting for delivery    2019-07-12

       22mm electric capstan has been sent to abroad    2019-07-12

       Several sets of hand winch have been sent to Lianyungang    2019-07-12

       A Fullset Deck Equipment of a Tugboat is Sent to Nantong Shipyard    2019-06-11

       4 sets of 60mm hydraulic windlass and one set of crane are waiting for delivery    2019-05-20

       4 sets of 34mm electric windlass have been delivered to India    2019-05-20

       Several sets of hand winch had been sent to abroad    2018-12-25

       The hoisting winch was sent to Yuzhen shipyard    2018-12-20

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