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       Two sets of 10T electric capstan have been delivered to The Republic of Guinea.    2020-06-23

       Ten sets of 7.5T manual winch have been delivered to China Merchants JinLing Shipyard.    2020-06-15

       A shipment of electric windlass and capstan have been delivered to Russia.    2020-05-25

       Three sets of 16mm electric windlass capstan have been delivered to Russia.    2020-05-21

       Four sets of 60mm hydraulic windlass have been delivered to Shenzheng Youlian Shipyard.    2020-05-18

       One set of 6T electric cargo winch has been delivered to CNOOC.    2020-05-08

       One set of 70mm hydraulic windlass has been delivered to Tianjin.    2020-04-13

       30mm Hydraulic windlass winch will be delivered to overseas.    2020-03-20

       Two sets of 24T electric towing winch have been delivered to Myanmar.    2020-02-26

       28mm electric anchor capstan, 4T electric capstan, chain stopper and pelican hook have been delivered to Iran.    2020-02-25

       Four sets of 5" and 6" electric hose winch have been sent to Shenzheng Youlian Shipyard.    2019-12-31

       8T Electric winch with RS certificate has been delivered to Russia.    2019-12-23

       Hydraulic winches and anchor chain have been delivered to Seychelles.    2019-12-18

       Four sets of 25T electric positioning winch and universal fairleads have been sent to Jingjiang Nanyang Shipyard!    2019-12-09

       Four sets of 60mm hydraulic windlass are waiting for delivery.    2019-12-09

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